Total Performance Racing, or TPR Industry, has been delivering horsepower since the 90's and is the premier high performance engine builder in San Diego County. Anything from V8 Trophy Trucks to twin cylinder Polaris RZR's. Please contact us for your engine building needs. TPR is also a full service machine shop that specializes in cylinder head porting, servicing, rebuilding and flow testing. Block work includes crank balancing, pin fit, cylinder bore honing, stroker clearancing, line honing and square decking. TPR is developing it's own line of Polaris RZR products that deliver fixes to common problems including a revolutionary chain tensioner, completely integrated oil breather system and a billet valve cover that features oil jets directly to the cam lifter buckets for added oiling and prolonged bucket longevity. TPR is also working closely with BC BrianCrower, ARP, Garrett, King Bearing and other industry players to push the envelope on the Polaris RZR XP1000 and XP Turbo engine platforms.